Holohoops is a live-learning mixed reality experience, currently on Hololens, to train basketball-plays in a real environment for players who want to improve their ball-IQ and decision making.

Working as a part of team ARForce at the Centre for Digital Media, in collaboration with Finger Food Studios, we created this proof of concept for the idea of educating athletes in a spatial environment with the help of mixed reality technology.

MY ROLE: Lead Developer and Technical Artist


  • Using agile methodology, assigning tasks during every sprint planning to the developer team (three developers in total). Planning out the production timeline.
  • Collaborating with other developers, developed a high-fidelity prototype for Hololens using Unity, programmed in C#.
  • Created solution for cleanning up and connecting the motion-capture-generated animations. Created animation logic for Unity animation controller to match the game logic.
  • Implemetedn the Voice commands, spatial UI and spatial visual indications to guide users.
  • Optimize the models and animation to have smoother meshes, higher-resolution texuture and smoother movements in Unity, optimized for Hololens.
  • Communicating with our 3D artist, as well as other developers and technical artists at Finger Food Studios, solved techical art and animation challenges uniquely occurred in Hololens developement.
  • Created hololens sample projects and creating tutorials for other team members to learn about Hololens development.
  • Assisted UX/UI design to examine the user interactions in AR.


  • First-time developing for Hololens, adapting the UX to the new type of interactions (gestures and voices) and limitation of the technology (limited field-of-view).
  • The Hololens setting conflicts with normal animation settings, adjustments and large amount of testings needed and applied.

TOOLS: Unity, Hololens